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CorePower Yoga is showing the world the life changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga. Carefully curated, consistent class formats move students to flow and sweat together inside the largest community of yoga studios in the country. CorePower offers reciprocity across 200+ locations and streaming CorePower Yoga On Demand classes. Discover the magic that happens when physical meets mindful.

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CorePower Yoga’s website strives to cater to all of their students’ needs while showcasing the power and energy of their brand. CPY came to us to update their class schedule with a new look and feel, a simplified layout across all devices and an integrated experience with their mobile app and back-end data.

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We set out to redesign CorePower Yoga’s class schedule by creating a seamless and engaging experience for students across all of their devices.

We started by creating Wireframes that covered all of the needed functionality and a general layout for the page, moved into Design to layout a new schedule that felt clean and consistent but was not a significant departure from the existing website, and worked with CorePower Yoga’s development team to build out a fully working prototype of the schedule.

We invited students and staff to test out the prototype, identify pain points, and figure out what changes needed to be made. We then updated our Design based on all of this feedback and, with the help of CPY’s development team, rolled out a new schedule for all of their students.

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